Are You Ready for 2021?

The stock market is up in speculation that any of the three vaccines will work – and things go back to the way they were in 2019. Anyone that truly believes things go back to the way they were is kidding themselves. 2020 changed too many things – and some for the permanent like work from home for a larger percentage of workers than before. It changed supply chains, restaurants, hospitality, conferences and vendors.

If things go back to pre-COVID, you already have a plan. You will do things just the way you have been -until March of 2020. In fact, people didn’t adapt to the circumstances of 2020; instead they held their breath waiting for things to return to the way they were. That’s poor planning. Hope isn’t a strategy, right? What’s your plan for 2021? Here are 7 things to think about and resources as well.

  1. Do you have a Sales Plan for 2021? Read HERE.
  2. Are you setting Goals for next year? Here’s a workbook.
  3. Do you know how you are going to get Attention? Listen HERE.
  4. Is your Value Proposition clear, concise and articulate? See HERE and HERE and HERE.
  5. Have you created a list of your Top 5 Prospects?
  6. How will you retain your Top 5 customers and partners?
  7. What skills do you need to add to improve selling remotely? Webinars and Workshops in Remote Selling were a hit in 2020. An ebook is coming out soon!

Channel Heads have their own set of issues if things don’t return to pre-covid. Recruiting and Managing Partners is a bigger challenge virtually. Webinars and Workshops for partner managers and channel managers were a hit in 2020. Have you read the book – Secrets of Channel Managers – yet?

  • Why should a partner add you to their portfolio?
  • What does your best partner look like? Why not find more that fit that profile?
  • How to get attention (see above)
  • How do you successfully sell-through sub-agents/masters/VADs/partners?

It was easier with happy hours and handshakes. 2020 demonstrated who could sell and who could schmooze. Everyone is hoping we go back to live in-person events by ITEXPO in June, but what happens if that does not happen? Plan for that scenario! Need help call the RAD-INFO office at (813) 963-5884

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