Channel Manager Tips for 2020: Without Handshakes & Happy Hours

Because things are not the same as 2019, I am going to do a 3-week workshop for channel and partner managers titled: Without Handshakes & Happy Hours.

We will provide valuable tips on Recruiting, Enrolling and Manage partners in the current environment. We will also touch on how to get Attention through the noise.

On Tuesdays at Noon Eastern time for 3 weeks, attendees will get concise, actionable tips in 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes of Q&A) on Recruiting, Following Up and Enrolling partners.

3 weeks, 20 minutes per week, just $29! REGISTER NOW:

Workshop 1 was in June. Workshop 2 was in July. One Day Seminar coming up November 13, 2020! Don’t miss it!

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