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Attention is a Gift, according to GapingVoid. Brian Solis and Hugh MacLeod wrote an ebook for LinkedIn titled “Attention is Currency” [link to ebook in pdf].

Attention by GapingVoid

My article titled “How to Garner Attention from Channel Partners” was published in the Sept-Oct 2020 issue of Channel Vision magazine (page 48).

Hundreds of vendors are looking to get the attention of, not just customers, but channel partners during a pandemic! Partners are experiencing “Zoom fatigue” at the same time more and more invites come in for webinars, conference calls, virtual trade shows, yoga, meditation, celebrity chefs, wine tastings, bourbon tastings, mixologists, trivia nights, every channel head, the same stale keynoters, Navy SEALs, Sharks and so much more.

I am trying something new. Instead of typing out the article, I recorded a podcast with my wife on Getting Attention for Partners. It includes 4 ideas for virtual events as well as ideas to improve the online webinar experience. The podcast is 14 minutes. Cost? Pay what you want! As always money back guarantee.


Note: I have written extensively about how to do a webinar well – HERE and HERE and HERE.

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I Googled Attention for you: Ben Parr wrote a book on the Science of Attention. His book is called Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention. He wrote an article on getting attention for HBR. Social Media Examiner interviewed him on a 36 minute podcast HERE. In addition, CopyBlogger has a great article on attention online.

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