Doing Video Calls Right

Watching a virtual conference this week (and after months of other video calls and webinars), there are 3 things that need to be considered if you want to be a presenter.

Contemplate the session. What are you trying to convey? How can you best showcase the subject matter, the speaker and your company?

If your company provides video conferencing, wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward? Not a dark scene or a weird camera angle. Doesn’t your HQ have a video huddle room with a really good camera and microphone? Why wouldn’t you use that instead of sitting behind your desk?

For those at home, buy a better camera. The laptop 720p built-in webcam is easy but the audience experience is not desirable. Lighting is important, too, but if the camera isn’t great, neither is the picture.

A Logitech BRIO 4K runs about $230.

Selfie lights and Zoom lighting are categories now. See HERE and THERE.

Next is the audio. Too often the audio is garbled on not just webinars but also on audio conference calls. While I understand that cell service isn’t ideal everywhere (and broadband is in fact not ubiquitous in all of America), if you work for a service provider of voice services and your voice quality is bad, what does that tell the audience?

Granted some of the poor audio is cell reception. Try wi-fi calling or a landline!

Another factor may be the microphone. Bluetooth headsets don’t always work. I have been on a number of calls and demos when they have stopped providing a clear voice.

A Blue Yeti microphone is less than $200. A HyperX Quadcast is about the same price but you can get a USB microphone with 4.5 stars for under $100 (HERE).

Some of the audio quality is due to poor broadband. Well, guess what, SD-WAN is sold by hundreds of providers (including, most likely, YOUR company). Spend the money on SD-Brand gear and a second broadband connection. Need help with a second provider? I can procure 4G or satellite services for you anywhere in the world. Call the office at (813) 963-5884.

Everyone is treating the pandemic as temporary. It isn’t going away soon – and neither is work-from-home – so spend the money to improve your communications with partners, customers and employees. If YOU won’t do that, how can you expect to sell that Bundle to customers?

Final tip for presenters on a virtual conference or webinar: Practice! Practice to ensure the equipment works; that you know how to use the webinar platform; and that you sound and look good. Practice so that the audience’s time isn’t wasted. You have about 5 minutes before they change the channel, use it wisely.

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