Sales Tip Number 1

A white label VoIP provider has called on me a number of times over the past four years. The latest exchange is why I am writing a blog post about the Number 1 Sales Tip for Cold Calls.

I looked the company up on LinkedIn. They have 31 employees on there and most of them are in sales. That makes me wonder if they actually run a “global dial-tone platform” since you would need some engineers and network folks. Yet if most of your people are in sales, shouldn’t the company be running on a CRM? I sure hope it isn’t ACT! running on Win 95!

How do they not have a history of contact with me? Or the fact that I have expressed to them a number of times that I don’t white label anything.

Yesterday I received a snarky email from them. I replied snarky: “Name one of my blogs and I will have a chat with you.” Apparently, the sales guy didn’t understand that he could Google me and find that info in two minutes. And that is the lesson right there: DO SOME RESEARCH!

We live in a digital world. It is rare someone has zero digital footprint.

In this pandemic situation, the gurus have been crawling out of the woodwork to preach and teach “social selling“.

This year I presented several workshops on Virtual Selling – research was one topic. The more you know, the more rapport you can build. The more you know, the better you can identify targets. [see Salesforce and Hubspot articles]

Sales is about a win-win — both sides win, not just the vendor collecting a check. Selling is about building a solution that benefits the buyer and gets them closer to their business goals.

The company that cold called me uses Sandler for training (the BD guy told me.) Sandler is pretty good for theory – and they make a great lead source for my training. If your company went through Sandler training and sales haven’t improved, let me come in and clear that up for your sales team. Call the office (813) 963-5884 for the best telecom sales training – and the only channel manager training!

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