What Are You Reading?

I used to be a big Jeffrey Gitomer fan, even attending several of his in-person training classes. I think his Sales Bible is one of the best for anyone in sales. He has two new books out: (1) The Very Little but Very Powerful Book on Closing: Ask the Right Questions, Transfer the Value, Create the Urgency, and Win the Sale! and (2) Sales Manifesto. After watching a few of his webinars this year, I just can’t. The reviews helped me decide to skip it, too. Every guru eventual succumbs to hubris and it isn’t pretty.

just 2 of 12 shelves of books in my office.

There are a few books that I really need to finish:

  • Tom Peters’ The Excellence Dividend;
  • Calm the F*ck Down by Sarah Knight;
  • This is Marketing by Seth Godin.
  • I couldn’t get through Mark Manson’s Everything is F*cked book (about hope).

The Algebra of Happiness was pretty good. Habits of a Happy Brain was helpful. Need something positive? Olivia Holmes Has Invented a Vineyard.

Just ordered: Create the Future + the Innovation Handbook: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking.

What have I been reading mostly during the pandemic? I love spy and detective novels. It is a way to escape for a few hours. This year I have read a slew of them:

  • Brad Thor’s Near Dark & Backlash.
  • Daniel Silva’s The Order & The New Girl.
  • The new series – Revengers – by Marcus Wynne
  • Randy Wayne White’s Salt River.
  • Despite his death, Robert B Parker’s main characters – Spencer, Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall – live on with new writers, like Ace Atkins, Reed Coleman and Mike Lupica – with Angel Eyes, The Bitterest Pill and Grudge Match.

Michael Connelly, Vince Flynn (Lethal Agent), Mark Greaney, Mark Dawson, Robert Crais (A Dangerous Man), David Hagberg, Barry Eisler (Killer Collective), Eric Van Lustbader and Lawrence Block round out my list of favorite authors.

Has anyone done adult coloring books?

I am working on two books. I should have finished my sixth book by now – Channel Sales Enablement. I am also working on Virtual Selling, an ebook that will be about $1.99 when I get it finished.

Tell me what you have been reading…

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