Your Sales Calendar – Tips for Salespeople

Sales depends on Time Management. The better you are at managing your time and priorities, the more successful you will be.

Tom Peters says that your calendar knows what is most important to you. I say that your calendar reflects your sales. If you don’t have time blocked out for prospecting, follow up, networking, research and other aspects of the sales process, they may or may NOT get done. Time blocks help with focus and reminders.

Pre-pandemic, breakfast and lunch were great times to meet with clients and prospects. Now how do you replace that one on one time?

During this time, I have noticed myself (and others) having Zoom fatigue, lower motivation and general malaise that can sap the motivation. My calendar has blocks (now) for exercise. We bought a used elliptical from Play It Again Sports. I also get breaks in to move around as our 2 year old German Shepherd likes to play catch – and reminds me when it is time to.

What are you doing to stay positive?

How are you getting motivation? I miss being around people. I am using playing with our dog, music, and podcasts with the Greats (Jim Rohn, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, et al). I have a large library of DVDs and CDs from all of them and many more including two CDs by Earl Nightingale: the Strangest Secret and Creative Thinking.

I have deleted my Facebook account. I found it a time suck and filled with negativity. Twitter can do that too, but twitter is a source for leads, news and connections for me. A timer has helped me to not get lost in the rabbit hole. Lists on twitter are helpful as well. LinkedIn is a twice a day, 15-minute interaction to check notifications, read some posts (to comment, like, share for interaction), and wish Happy Bday/congrats on people. I can be on LinkedIn longer if I am doing research for prospecting, which everyone in sales should be doing!

When do you write? Blog posts, guest article submissions, email copy, LinkedIn articles?

When do you read? Not social media posts but articles, books, magazines. Reading and writing keep the creativity brain churning.

Sales is about daily activity. Sales activity (especially RGA).

Resources for scheduling your sales day: From Salesforce, an example schedule from InsightSquared, and ways to structure your day. Productivity tips to tame the “squirrel brain“.

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