The (Sales) Conversation

When a prospect calls you to say that they are replacing their PBX, that sets the stage for a conversation. Most of those conversations will be about a cloud PBX (UCaaS) replacement service. That might be the wrong way to go.

It would be better for the Buyer and the Partner if the conversation were about a clean slate. Design the communications system from scratch.

What are they using now? Not just what PBX and options, but what apps.

  • Are they using Zoom, Webex, or Slack?
  • Are they a Microsoft shop?
  • What CRM do you use?
  • What other software runs their business? ServiceNow? Zendesk? etc.
  • How do they hold meetings?
  • Do they want a meeting transcript?
  • What messaging or chat do employees use?
  • Do they have an audio bridge?
  • Do they utilize Dropbox or other file share?
  • How do they sync and backup files?
  • How do they collaborate on files with team members?
  • How do they engage their customers? IVR? Web chat?
  • Are they looking for some self-service options?
  • Are social networks in play (omni-channel)?
  • Do they have a call center?
  • Is there a department that receives a lot of calls or makes a lot of calls?

If you start from scratch and build a system, the solution will be better for the Buyer. It doesn’t become “Here are 3 very similar UCaaS offers, which price do you like?” It becomes about outcomes.

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