Selling UCaaS Now (as WFH Solutions)

I recently secret shopped some top UCaaS providers. Let me tell you that the direct sales teams are unprepared to sell UC&C for WFH (unified comms and collab for work from home).

It seems we are still training sales to talk about seats and voice, despite the fact that voice has been in decline for years. Even though these same companies talk about omni-channel, they treat dial-tone as the end all.

No one asked about IVR, auto-attendant, screen share, conferencing and other advanced features. They did talk about meetings (because that is the name of many of the products), video chat and SMS.

When I would pivot away from handsets to try to discuss a mobile only option, there was disbelief. There isn’t much experience in mobile only UC – in spite of the fact that we have been shouting mobility for years.

It is a race to the bottom in UC seat pricing, largely because of the deficiencies in the sales process.

As we move into WFH (work from home or remote work) solutions, dial-tone isn’t the “hot button”; video conferencing is. Hence, why Zoom is sucking all of the air out of the room. Keep It Simple, Stupid! is a motto that still applies.

Most teachers and other folks pushed to WFH are not familiar with web or audio conferencing. These apps have to be as easy as Facetime for the many to use them.

In the mad rush to WFH, training will get pushed aside. You can win here by offering training videos and offering webinars on functions daily! (Record them and upload to YouTube to be re-purposed.)

Everyone is offering a free trial. You want to convert? Train them. Make it as easy as possible. I observed a focus group recently use the mobile apps. They are not as intuitive as the companies think!

This is a large opportunity for the sector. The services are needed. Can the sector rise to the challenge?

Want to hear what the secret shopper experience was like for UCaaS? Get the slides and mp3 from the webinar on March 31. Register HERE to get the webinar materials.

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