Staying Current on COVID-19

Here are some links to some expert data.

First, Andy Slavitt, the former head of Medicare, Medicaid & ACA, provides solid info daily on twitter and Medium.

Next, 3 dashboards to follow the spread. Looks like May 1 before it peaks.

Dashboard # 1

Dashboard # 2 (splunk)

Dashboard # 3

COVID Insights by an M.D

Andy Slavitt on twitter – former head of Medicare, Medicaid, ACA head for Obama

Why are we practicing “social distancing“? 3 reasons.

#1 Public Health – From Joe @channele2e: “Canceling an event, closing schools & working from home have nothing to do with Fear. It has everything to do with social responsibility. Now, more than ever: My health depends on your health. And your health depends on your neighbor’s health.” Anyone can carry this virus asymptomatic and spread it for hours!

#2 The Math doesn’t lie. [another view of the numbers from a finance guy] One person going out can infect thousands – read HOW.

#3 Experts (video on twitter). Joe Rogan talks with the expert on COVID-19.


Small Businesses: Check with the SBA, your local bank, or your economic development council for bridge loans or other assistance. AMEX might help too.

Help small businesses by buying from them. Give Local Small Business accounts for more than half of all employment in America.

While you are stuck at home, you could binge Netflix — but you could also take any of these 450+ course online for free!!! I hope this helps.

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