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Saw these 7 sales tips on LinkedIn (from Gabe Villamizar recapping Becc Holland from As I read them, I was agreeing and realized they also refer to how you design your webinar slide deck.

  • Get rid of the company history lesson.
  • Scrap the network map. No one cares about your size or breadth.
  • Delete the list, nay catalog, of services slide.

No one wants to spend 45 minutes listening to you talk about YOU!

Lesson 1: Be Prospect-Centric! Know Your Audience! It is about your audience. Taylor the message (and the slides) to the audience. Do not use one deck for every talk!

Lesson 2: What Pain do you solve? If you cannot answer that, go back to the drawing board. People buy to solve pain points mostly. If you cannot define the pain, you cannot sell your product.

Lesson 3: the Prospect (Customer or Partner) is the Hero of the story. And yes, you are telling a story. The point of ANY webinar (or sales meeting) is not to say everything, it is to get the audience to lean forward. Grab their interest! Do you think a network map does that? No it does not, Jim. No it does not.

Lesson 4: Practice – at least once. Reading the slides to the audience will suck for everyone. It needs to be fluid. Connect the audience with the story and the call to action (CTA).

Lesson 5: Relevance. Know your buyer persona. Doesn’t matter if it is a prospective customer or partner (which type of partner? What business model do they have? Where do you align?)

Lesson 6: Less is more. Keep it brief. Or keep it interactive. Remember the purpose of the webinar: Garner attention! Sales is a process not an event. Recruiting is sales.

Lesson 7: Make Certain that your email marketing is noticeable and relevant.

When I was the marketing consultant at COLOTRAQ, I tried to get vendors to edit their decks in this manner. They would NOT. Now vendors wonder why webinar show-ups are so low. People got tired of being talked AT. They have better things to do with their time.

It is 2020: there are blogs, books, slide decks, videos, podcasts and yes even Toastmasters that will help you get better at presenting. Presenting is a HUGE element of sales. Suck at it at your own risk.

On October 26-27, 2020 in Scottsdale, there will be a conference for agents by Channel Vision magazine. These 7 lessons will be tied into every single speaker and slide deck.

Thanks to Gabe, Becc and Phil G.

The whole idea of a talk is to spread one idea. What one nugget do you want people to take away? Because that is all they get: one nugget. You get 5-7 minutes of attention per hour.

The concept behind a webinar is to garner interest — not tell the whole story. That’s where so many companies go wrong. What do you want the audience to become interested in?

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