7.5 Things You Are Missing from Vegas

With the Channel Partners Expo postponed (and Enterprise Connect also owned by Informa postponed) here are 9 things you are missing from Vegas.

  1. Keynote talking about the channel is dying.
  2. Keynote telling you how to run your business – from someone who has never been a partner or knows what it is like to run an agency or an MSP or a VAR.
  3. Session on SD-WAN by someone who hasn’t spoken to a buyer in 5 years.
  4. Session on selling Cloud by someone at Avaya & Mitel (or another vendor who can’t sell cloud)
  5. Parties, a hangover and blowing some money at the casino.
  6. Meetings back to back miles apart, until your feet bleed.
  7. Networking (i.e., seeing which logo your peers are wearing at this show)

7.5 Join me and my friends on webinars this week to make up for the info you are missing (or might not have even gotten in Vegas) via video conference.

Tomorrow (3/11) at 3 pm Eastern Time – Dany Bouchedid of COLOTRAQ and I will be discussing major trends in the data center market and how partners can monetize these trends. (What good is the tech if we can’t sell it, right?) Join by emailing cp@channelplaybook.com The mp3 is HERE!

Thursday (3/12) at 2 pm Eastern Time with Pete Davis of Panterra Networks and I will be talking about Getting in early on CPaaS! You can listen to that conversation with Panterra, Intelepeer and me HERE.

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