Tips & Tools to Help with Remote Work (#WFH)

I am collecting a list of tips and tools for remote work on this page. Not everyone will have the benefit of a quiet room but here are some thoughts from a veteran in working from home.

Remote work adjustment tips: (1) have a routine; (2) have a designated place to work especially if you will be in video calls; (3) take breaks to walk around and drink water (Fitbit can be set to buzz you regularly to remind you to move); (4) interact with other people (Facetime, messenger, phone calls) as often as possible. It is Change. Give it some time to adjust.

Business changes for Service Providers from Channele2e but most important: LISTEN before selling.

For bosses, HBR has an article on things to do to make remote work a success for your org – and your employees! One minute video on skills needed to work from home (via #ICMIchat).

Granite Telecom (I rep them so I can help with this) has developed a Rapid-Response ‘Work from Home’ Solution.

There is a growing list of free IT tools HERE @ Channele2e.

There are numerous conferencing platforms for audio, web and video conferences.

Note about video calls: Get a good microphone and use lighting on your face (not behind you). Some additional thoughts on video calls.

Beyond video calls and conferencing, here are some other software tools to use as you transition to work from home (WFH):

  • Basecamp for project management, all-company messaging, and direct chats.
  • Slack for messaging and Slack Groups for interaction.
  • Mural & Miro for brainstorming (think: virtual whiteboard)
  • Airtable for spreadsheet and database management
  • Fellow for agenda-keeping and note-taking/documentation
  • Chrome plug-in Loom for short recordings to explain things.
  • BombBomb to record short videos (thx Greg Plum – see example HERE.)
  • Nimbus Note, a chrome plugin for screenshots and notes.
  • Google Drive & Google Docs – great way to collab docs.
  • Check out Rambox. You can put FB messenger, hangouts, Whatsapp, Keep, Slack, etc. all in one box with tabs.
  • Something to keep the kids occupied by Nextiva: Nextivity Books.
  • more available here: GetRemoteReady.

From Maggie Lima: “Do one thing per day that could help those who do not have the luxury of working from home. Example: buy a gift certificate from your favorite restaurant, check on an elderly neighbor or parent with children at home by phone, etc.)”

Support local businesses who employ more than half the people in the USA: Give Local

Reminder: the virus manages to live on keyboards and other office materials for extended periods. Wash your hands and your devices!

New tip from Alan Percy: Pay attention to the ergonomics of your workspace.   We are in this for the long-haul and being hunched over a coffee table may work for a few hours, after a few days you’ll be heading to the doctors office with back pain!

Tips for temporary work from home by Zoom.

More tips & tools on working at home from a freelancer HERE.

There is a downside to working at home, since not everyone does well without structure and too much freedom… read more here.

7 Best Practices for transitioning to Remote Work, an ebook by Logitech

Tips for managing remote workers (from RNG) (from BambooHR)

These tips came from a number of places (HERE & THERE) and my own 20 years experience of working from home. If you have anything to add, tweet at me on twitter @radinfo.

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