5 Tips to Jump Start Q4 (2020)

What can you say about 2020? Most of us are not just Zoom fatigued but exhausted. Here are 5 tips to help you jump start the fourth quarter.

It’s been a challenge of a year, Tip # 1 is Congratulate yourself on getting this far. Many businesses are closed permanently. Seriously, celebrate the small wins – even the obvious win of making it this far in 2020.

Tip 2: Pareto’s Principle says that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Take great care of your top 20%!!! (You should be talking to your top 5 clients monthly – if not weekly!)

Listen to them. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them What is Working and What is Not Working.  Take the “What is Working” as Best Practices to share! Take the “not working” as a task to find a solution for!

Tip 3 is about Wallet Share. It is far easier to sell more to an existing client than to find a new one. Sell more to your existing clients! How?

Learn one new product this quarter – like SD-Branch – and try selling it to your clients. If you listened to your clients as Tip #2 the product will be obvious. The pandemic has made IoT and Smart solutions (like thermal imaging) a good band-aid in your business first aid kit alongside 4G connectivity and PPE.

Tip 4 is Be a Sherpa! We understand that we need to make sales but 2020 has really been about learning to be helpful. To be Human. To Listen. Zig Ziglar said, “You can get everything you want in life, if you will just help enough people get what they want.” Believe me these things pay dividends because if you are listening and human, they will buy from you when you come around with a solution to their problem.

TEM (telecom expense management) and Mobility Management will be BIG! With all the changes, someone needs to audit the networks along with the bills to find ways to save money and improve things. That could be you – even if you have to get a partner to help!

Tip # 5: Circle back to all the proposals you sent in 2020. Review all the proposals you closed this year and make a list of things customers decided to “Buy Now!” and “wait to do.” Spend a few days discussing lingering proposals with prospects. Find out what changed since the RFP. Try to up-sell add-ons you thought would inflate the original solution you proposed.  Budgets may have been blown this year – but maybe not. Who has budget left for bandwidth, security, managed wi-fi, whathaveyou.

Last ideas: Create mini goals for the last quarter of this year. Review activity from the past 3 quarters to look for trends or things you overlooked. Ask for referrals. Who do they know that needs help to get through year end? Give a Referral! Good luck!

Originally this talk was part of a Sierra Wireless monthly webinar. If you need 4G Backup, let me tell you about Sierra Wireless Managed Connectivity! Here is the video of my portion of the call:

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