Sales Tips for March 2021

In this LinkedIn post, the video of a sales trainer described buying a Porsche during the pandemic in Park City. There are 3 take aways from this video for anyone selling today.

One is to remove friction from the sales process.

An example is to utilize e-sign for contracts. Another is to gather as much info as possible early on and follow up pre-meeting with as many questions answered as possible. If the client is a Microsoft shop looking for direct routing, describe what they are getting in a colorful way as well as how it will be implemented. Take away the guess work. Paint a picture.

The second point is to meet people where they are. If they don’t want to come to the office or have you drop by, have a Zoom call. Regardless of how you feel about masks, you should defer to asking the prospect or customer what would make them comfortable. It is about being courteous. An anxious prospect is not buying!

The final take away is that sales is about a win-win. They may appear to be buying technology, but they are really buying what that tech is going to do for them. Deliver the outcome they want.

Since most of the buyer’s sales process takes place online now, keep that front and center as you react and follow up. How can you provide the necessary information to the buyer? Ask better questions!

Extra resource: A good article about adapting to the new selling landscape – article.

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