Finding Opportunity

I’ve read a number of articles and listened to a number of vConference sessions about “finding opportunity” and how to grow in 2020/2021. What a bunch of pie in the sky, textbook level BS. Why is it BS? Most people don’t want theory or vision answers, they want actionable intelligence.

How to find opportunity? Look in your CRM! Get more wallet share from your current customers! Talk to them about what they are using; what they like and don’t like; and what they are struggling with. Therein lies your opportunity.

Again in your CRM: customers you lost. Try talking to them again. Maybe have a conversation about just how are they doing after a year of this. Ya know, Be Human!

Next, do you have a favorite vendor? Ask them for use cases that concisely explain business outcomes to a vertical. In other words, how does a dental office or small business benefit from this product offering? This will be easy, since most vendors will not have this material, so it isn’t like you will be flooded with stuff to read.

Has a vendor been spamming you or calling you? Take the call. Ask them to – in a single sentence – explain what business benefits the most from their product offering and why. If they can’t answer, say good-bye.

After the CRM and the vendors, ask a peer. Don’t know one? Ask your master agency to hook you up with one – or use that LinkedIn account that has been dormant for you.

There was a flurry of activity in haste last year. Now that business is settling down is the time to discuss the pros and cons of what they are using to see if you can improve it, add to it or tell them they made a good choice.

Good luck!

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