Where Does the 2000 come from?

I often quote 2000+ hosted VoIP providers in the US as the number of competitors. Here’s how I came up with that number.

There are roughly 850 members of NTCA (The Rural Broadband Association).

The NCTC works with over 700 members throughout the cable and broadband industry. There is overlap here with some other orgs.

NCTA (formerly the National Cable & Telecommunications Association or the cable lobby) consists of 200+ members including Mediacom, Cox, Comcast and Charter.

Broadsoft had 400+ CSP customers before Cisco acquired them.

Netsapiens has 100+ CSP customers.

No one knows how many small providers have some homebrew platform built on Asterisk, Kazoo, Freeswitch, or FreePBX – running their “Hosted VoIP’ service. Of the top 20 UCaaS players, most are homebrew (8×8, RingCentral, Vonage, Broadview/WIND, Fuze, Avaya, Mitel, GoTo/Jive, Dialpad, Zoom, Star2Star, Amazon, Crexendo, Google and Intermedia). Many of the providers that used to show up at ITEXPO or CP were homebrew (by which I mean, the softswitch was not Broadsoft, Metaswitch or Ribbon).

Consider that Skyswitch (now BCM One) and Coredial combined power over 500 MSPs to offer Hosted VoIP. Alianza powers a bunch of WISPs, satellite, cable and other providers.

Do the math to show that the estimate of 2000 isn’t far fetched.

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