What’s the Secret to CPaaS?

A few weeks ago I did a call with Pete Davis of Panterra Networks and Sean Kane from Intelepeer joined us as we talked about the secret to CPaaS. You can listen or download it from Google Drive.

The secret sauce to CPaaS isn’t just dial-tone with SMS but to add to the 800 toll-free number. It is a way to enhance the toll-free number and sales.

There are a number of use cases for CPaaS (see here at Intelepeer) like bill reminders, get customer feedback, employ self-serve options, and send out password notifications (especially Now!).

There are a few healthcare uses such as empowering telehealth. During our current health crisis, this is a very important pivot for doctors, therapists and other healthcare providers.

CPaaS can help institute two-factor authentication. (Telestax use cases)

CPaaS is probably best known for being the engine behind Uber and Lyft (and other sharing economy apps). Besides SMS and chatbots there are ways small businesses can leverage CPaaS to improve business and the customer experience.

Take a listen to the call HERE.

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