Telecom Tidbits (#2463) from One on One

Here at master agency Microcorp’s 14th Annual One on One (despite Hurricane Irma). Had a fun time at the cocktail party last night (with the bourbon tasting!)

Spoke with a couple of CLECs who will soon be re-branding. Time to tell a story about where the coming is going, not where they have been.

Sierra Wireless is showing off its latest box that is part router, part switch, part wireless access point with 2 SIM cards for 4G/LTE access for 2 different carriers. Sierra also recently added T-Mobile as their 4th cellco.

Zayo has over 24K Lit buildings on their fiber network. You can use their partner tool, Transact, to see the fiber. Zayo also operates zColo. They just bought a new one in Colorado (see here).

Sprint is a Velocloud partner for SD-WAN. You can use Sprint’s fiber network or its MPLS or its 4G/LTE access for SD-WAN connectivity — or you can bring your own! Sprint M&S Complete is design, implement and hand-off of a complete SD-WAN network. Or Sprint can manage it for you. [The magic of Velocloud is in BC/DR; circuit monitoring and analytics; and link aggregation.]

TPX Communications (formerly TelePacific) launched 4G/LTE as a primary network for its SD-WAN solution. Listen to the conversation I had with TPX VP of ITx, Jared Martin, on my  podcast on Soundcloud.

MOJO Marketing was here presenting on Lead Generation. The MOJO CEO will be joining me soon on a podcast so you can hear what you missed.

Rackspace just acquired Datapipe!

While Bullseye Telecom is known for multi-location POTS, they also help companies through the transition off the legacy TDM network to IP, VoIP, UCaaS and security.

Did you know NITEL and AireSpring are Channel Only?

DSM data center in Lakeland, FL made it through Hurricane Irma without a glitch!

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