Business Lessons from the Pandemic

As you can imagine there have been quite a few articles about the pandemic. I have read a few articles about lessons learned during the pandemic. These are worth the (short) read.

This one is like a journal of thoughts. A couple of examples: “People can be unbelievably charitable and giving.” and “We are attached to our phones like never before.” For humor: “Our airplanes will now start deep cleaning and we wonder, “What were they doing before?””

Pew Research surveyed Americans. “The rest of this essay looks at a sampling of responses – including many examples presented exactly as respondents wrote them.”

The people at TED have been collecting stories. These stories are told in three lessons from 2020. Worth the read.

Pharmacy Times have 5 lessons learned. (1) Medical literacy is a problem. (2) Online meetings can work. (3) People are still our most valuable resource. (4) Remote teaching is not so bad. (5) Who has the Power.

The quote below comes from the lessons learned article by Michigan State Medical Society. In this article the first 4 lessons are for any business (and the fifth is just for the medical audience). (1) Change your own mindset to succeed. (2) Plan for what’s coming next (for example, cybersecurity, backups, ransomware or the next wave of pandemic). (3) Communicate with honesty, empathy, authenticity, and consistency. <- Leadership! (4) Recognize the pandemic’s silver lining: Innovation.

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