Hard to be a Buyer of Telecom

It must be hard to be a Buyer for telecom services. The old acronyms – PRI, POTS, T1 – are hard to procure. In some cases, even buying a PRI doesn’t get you a PRI; it gets you PRI signaling.

If the Buyer is current, is he/she looking for CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS, cloud comms? How does he/she know? In one Best Of article this morning, the list of CPaaS providers was thin and misinformed. In another, good list but still missing key players. One research firm calls the CPaaS market the Internet Communication Cloud market.

There has never been a better time to be a telecom consultant. Buyers need much assistance in procuring communications at a fair market rate while getting the best technology to service their business and its employees and customers.

It isn’t just the right technology but the most aligned vendor. Then someone needs to keep a watch on the project in order for all the elements to come together – whether it is multi-vendor or single sourced.

One thing is certain: the vendors have taken cost cutting, automation and consolidation too far to actually serve its customers. Each install is taking up more and more time and effort for my clients.

Whether it is a clean, new install of an Internet pipe or a migration from PRI to SIP trunking, someone has to keep an eye on the ball — it cannot be left up solely to the vendor to “do its job”.

Hiring a telecom consultant may not mean all your problems are solved. For example, in Louisiana right now, SuddenLink (Altice USA) has been down since the hurricane(s) and has been totally unresponsive to customers for repair. However, you will have one more voice that is familiar with the vendors who talks their lingo and has an incentive to help you.

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