Channel Hurdles, Part 4 with Karin Fields

I am currently working on my new book, The ABCs of Channel Programs: Channel Sales Enablement. To help me flush out some content for the book, I decided to talk with some friends in the industry about what hurdles they see in the channel right now.

Today’s podcast is with Karin Fields, CEO of Atlanta based master agency Microcorp. Karin is also immediate past Chair the Alliance (formerly Agent Alliance). I have been a partner with Microcorp since 2002.

Karin and I discuss the importance of a structure of support in a channel program. Channel programs require executive buy-in and a back office support system in order to work. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.

This is part 4 of the series. You can listen to all of the interviews on Soundcloud HERE. Or listen to the interviews you like:Part 3 with Nancy Ridge * Part 2 with Pete Davis * Part 1 with Dany Bouchedid

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