Sales Tips in a Pandemic

Now is the time to be talking to your best customers. Get a testimonial if you can. Talk to them about how they use your product and how they use tech. Ask for a Referral; even better Give a Referral. Ask what is working and what is not.

Share the “what is working” as Best Practices. Use the “what is not working” as a task to find a solution. Be that Trusted Advisor for your clients.

Retention is vital right now. And talking to your clients will help you gauge their financial temperature – and perhaps that of their industry. HBR says, “Think about your prospect’s customer.” If they sell to very small businesses or hospitality, they may be stressed right now. (Be Human!)

Selling deeper into your current customers is easier than hunting for new business.

If you have idle hands in the sales department, now is the time to create Prospect Lists – who would you like to have as a Client? Deep dive into that prospect list – adding all that info to CRM. Now create a marketing & sales plan for that list. In addition, Reps must develop remote communication skills – and a plan for every customer interaction. What is the goal of this email/call/video chat? If that goal is a sale, you might want to read the room. “Your needs are not top of mind; cultivate sensitivity to the impact on customers’ businesses, initiatives, teams and families,” states Forrester.  

That takes me to 2 basic questions: (1) Do you know who your target market is? (2) Do you have a Value Proposition?

Sales is about daily activity that leads to ink. That daily activity is to repeatedly contact or get in front your best prospects to pitch them your Value Proposition. To listen. To help them. It is harder now. Cold calling was hard before the pandemic. Here are 3 articles to improve Cold Calling:

You need a Sales Plan for each prospect. Why? “The results of SiriusDecisions’ 2019 B2B Buying Study reveal that buyers have an average of 18 meaningful interactions during the buyer’s journey, divided evenly between human and non-human interactions.”  

One last tip: Brainstorm ways to be Creative!

If you need help developing a Plan, Brainstorming, or crafting your Value Proposition, call the RAD-INFO office at (813) 963-5884. We are also available for Sales Coaching!

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