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How are your sales going in 2020?

More companies that I speak with are having an off year. Some of that is due to the pandemic, but some of it is due to poor sales habits. For too long, salespeople relied on handshakes and schmoozing to get the appointment. Now they have to go “old school”!

The Sales Process and the Daily Sales Habits are what separate the sales performers.

As a salesperson improves on just one area of sales – Prospecting, Closing, Negotiating, Questioning and Follow-Up – the sales arrive. If a sales rep gets better at Prospecting, the funnel fills faster. As the target audience and the Value Proposition are refined, the sales rep will spend more time with qualified leads (instead of suspects!)

Getting better at Discovery, Closing and Follow-up also leads to more sales.

Design a daily routine because “it’s the structure of the daily habits of successful salespeople that matters far more than any one secret strategy.”

“What does a successful quota-carrying sales rep do every day? It’s no shock to learn that the best reps in the business are incredibly focused, organized, and clearly plan out each day with a set goal in mind.” [source]

Harvard Business Review reported “an 18% difference in revenue growth” among companies that invested in defining a formal sales process than those that didn’t. When a framework isn’t supplied, salespeople are left fumbling around, digging through sales content, trying to figure out what tactics to increase sales will work best and help them reach their quota faster.” [source]

Let RAD-INFO INC work with your sales team to get them on a Routine that will lead to more sales! We can work with your individual sales reps or your whole team! Make an appointment to speak to RAD-INFO INC about coaching up your sales!

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