Car Sales and Selling in General

My lease was up and I had to go car shopping again. I hate it. I don’t know anyone who likes it.

At the Mazda dealership, they are still using the 1972 playbook. Come inside; fill out this form; let’s photocopy your driver’s license; test drive; back to the showroom. Blah blah blah.

The Toyota dealer didn’t have the model I wanted either but they tried showing me other models. No. I came in to see the Avalon, not a Camry, not a SUV.

The Mercedes dealer couldn’t find the car I wanted to see that was a showcase vehicle on the dealer website! The Internet sales person was worthless.

I would have gone with Carvana to buy online but how do you buy a car without test driving it? How do you know it will be comfortable? That you can see out of it properly? I guess I could go find a car on a lot and then buy it online but that doesn’t solve the awful experience at the dealership.

Here’s the thing: salespeople in trade booths are still using an awful playbook too.  Look, you aren’t getting paid to give demos. You are using the demo to get prospects hooked on the product. That requires some discovery before you just start poking around on the demo.

Companies need to start spending money – not just sales training – but active sales coaching. Video tape, whisper function on phones, etc. Coach these people up on the fact that it is 2019 – and buyers don’t have time for your sales crap.


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