This Was Cloud’s Moment

On call after call, I hear about the premise solutions losing ground – hundreds of seats at a time. Avaya struck that deal with RingCentral just in time, because this pandemic (COVID-19) has accelerated the move to the cloud.

But don’t mistake the bounce in seats and users as the win. You have the opportunity to retain those customers and that revenue. You also have the opportunity to lose them.

One thing missing is user training. If users are unable to be productive using your service, good luck keeping them!

Best example I can give is on Zoom. I am on so many Zoom calls every day. 99 percent of these calls could be done on ANY platform. ANY. Some could be done on Facetime!!! I have only been on 2 impressive Zoom calls. On one, they used the Breakout rooms, which was fantastic! That is the only time I have seen it used.

On my panel yesterday with AireSpring on State of the Channel, we had 5 panelists, 1 moderator and 2 other presenters and almost 500 attendees. Pretty good platform for that as long as there isn’t a shared screen or Power Point.

Remember that 90% of MS Office users only used 10% of the functionality. You have to train people how to get the most out o fyour service.

People didn’t evaluate platforms or run an RFP or do a trial. Their hair was on fire and they picked a vendor for CCC and UC via a dart board. Now keeping them is up to you.

On a call today with buyers I heard a couple ready to leave one vendor. I heard one complain about no training. I heard a few others grumble about call quality. Your stressed out customers aren’t happy!

Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood secret shopper.

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