The Macro-Economics in Sales

Like many public companies, the macro-economics!  Sales cycles have lengthened. Upselling is slower. I don’t know how win rates are stable when sales take longer but okay.

The Number 1 Competitor right now in telecom/UC: Status Quo!

We are seeing many deals being price sensitive or people just not changing.

Now for sales teams. Quota is an ugly word. It is usually an arbitrary number. It should be calculated on Average Sales Size and Average monthly sales.  In UCaaS the average sales size is about 13 seats. At $25 per seat, that is $325! Most sales people close about 4.5 deals per month. That means quota should be about $2000 as a stretch for a deal flow of $1462.

68% of salespeople did not hit quota in 2022, via Keith Rosen newsletter.

RepVue has 988 sales teams from 435 sales organizations published on our site (which means they have at least 7 ratings), and only 31 of those 988 sales teams (across 30 companies) have more than 75% of the team hitting quota in the past 12 months. That’s about 1 in 33!

sales quota

Sales is Hard. If they aren’t hitting quota, what other metrics are you examining? We have a set of 5 that we watch weekly.

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