Channel Marketing Mistake (Case # 132)

This is one example of the ChatGPT inspired emails that get sent to partners. Sorry for picking on this vendor, but it was awful.

My name is XXXX and I am a Channel Development Manager here at NordLayer. I wanted to inquire if you had a chance to stop by our booth during the Intelisys ScanSource event and if you would be interested in reviewing us as a potential vendor for cybersecurity. 

NordLayer is an adaptive network access solution designed for service providers and is an ideal solution for any modern MSP looking to enhance their revenue opportunities.

I would love to schedule a brief demo for you and your team to showcase the features and capabilities of NordLayer. Please choose the most convenient time for you via this link.

Let’s break down all the issues:

  1. How do you not know if I was scanned at the event mentioned? That is either lazy or incompetent. Either way is that a company or Channel Manager you want to work with?
  2. What is an “adaptive network access solution”? Zero points for the new term since this email is supposed to grab my attention – not confuse me.
  3. Great for an MSP?! Then why are you emailing an Agent?!
  4. Immediately with the ask!  Without explaining the product, Value Prop, or anything of value. This isn’t Tinder! This is a business.

I will be happy to write your email copy for you. I would be happy to help your firm with their channel marketing.  Call 813-963-5884.

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