Channel Sales Enablement:
the ABC’s of Indirect Sales

by Peter Radizeski

Peter Radizeski’s next book will be released in May 2020 on Amazon. The title is Channel Sales Enablement: the ABCs of Channel Programs.

What is Channel Sales Enablement?
Learn the fundamentals of successful indirect channel sales programs in Peter’s book, Channel Sales Enablement: The ABCs of a Channel Program.

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Other books by Peter Radizeski

My best selling books are still available on Amazon: SELLECOM 2: Selling Cloud Services (paperwork) & Secrets of Channel Management

SELLECOM 2: Selling Cloud Services

Selling telecom services like a T1 is different from selling cloud services. In this book, learn some techniques to sell cloud services including Hosted Voice to businesses. The book consists of sales scenarios and open ended questions to utilize during sales meetings with prospects.

Secrets of Channel Management

Channel Managers are the conduit to the partner program, yet there is very little training for partner managers. This book tried to provide that with overviews and tips on recruiting, on-boarding, motivating and getting the attention of partners.

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