Musical Chairs in UCaaS

8×8 is the latest to play musical chairs in the C-Suite. What does all this mean?

A company has a strategy and the executives are hired to drive that strategy. Execution is the deal.

That predicates that the company has a good strategy. That predicates that the company has good products that buyers want to buy and that the company can deliver on the promise of those products.

In UCaaS, more and more I think the product isn’t that desirable. Was Centrex a big seller for the RBOCs? No. PRIs and POTS. Now cell phones.

Despite Shoretel’s demise, Avaya’s BK and other obstacles, PBX equipment has not cratered. Cisco still sells a version of Call Manager.

Change all the executives you want. There’s a reason that Zoom is taking up all the air in the room. It’s time to examine your products and what your customers are actually using – and redesign that strategy around that data.

By the way, changing out the CMO, I assume, is to deliver a different message and maybe the effectiveness of that message. The marketing can’t over-shadow a reputation for service delivery and customer care issues. (And I am not saying that they are the only ones with that reputation.)

The biggest issue UCaaS providers has is NOT sales. It is Service Delivery and Customer Experience. At cut rate pricing, I guess that CX isn’t available.

Back in the heyday of the PBX, the inter-connect handled the install and maintenance. Today, that work is handled by … no one. It is one of the issues that results in the poor CX. It is a gaping hole that no one wants to fill.

You can play musical chairs until the jukebox breaks and that doesn’t change the CX. And that right there is what you need to be strategizing around. Not sales and marketing, but service delivery. And that will take care of the rest.

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